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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the Sansei Skeet Association? The Sansei Skeet Association was formed to:
    • Introduce new shooters to a tournament environment without registering targets
    • Provide a FUN SHOOT for all to enjoy including family members
    • Keep skeet shooting alive
    More history information can be found here.

  2. When are events held? We hold our fun shoots on a Sunday, every month from February to August. Exact dates can be found here. Our fun shoot in August is our Annual Championship event. Shoots from February to July are 75-target events and our shoot in August is a 100-target event. There's also a fun shoot in December, which is a 75-target event, and is co-hosted with the Pasadena Fire Dept. to collect toys for their "Spark of Love" Toy Drive.

  3. What squad times are available? For 75-target events, available times are: 9:00AM, 10:00AM, 11:00AM, 12:30PM, and 1:30PM (if needed).
    For 100-target events, available times are: 9:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:00PM, and 3:30PM (if needed).
    All times are subject to change.

  4. What class should I use to register in? For registered shooters (NSSA), your initial class is your highest class obtained within the shoot year, regardless of gauge.
    For non-registered shooters, your initial class is determined by the table below (see below on how to calculate):

    Class Average
    AA .9750 and over
    A .9600 to .9749
    B .9350 to .9599
    C .9000 to .9349
    D .8550 to .8999
    E .8549 and below

    After an initial class has been established, your last three (3) shoots will be your running average. All shooters must move up in class once your running average puts you in a higher class. For registered shooters, use either your NSSA running average (last 5 shoots) or Sansei Skeet running average, whichever is higher. Shooters cannot go down in class within the shoot year (February to December).
    For the August Sansei Championships, your class is the highest class attained during the shoot year. All previous (2 years) Sansei Championship class winners (1st place only) and HOA winners (including Runner-Ups) will automatically move up in class and cannot go down for two years.

  5. How do I figure out my running average? The running average is computed by the following formula:

    Total Targets Broken
    Total Targets Shot

    Example: A new shooter (non-registered) shoots a 67/75 at a Sansei shoot. That gives an initial running average of .8933, which places them in D class. The shooter then shoots a 69/75. The running average is computed to be 67 + 69 = 136 out of 150 (total targets shot). After the two shoots, the running average is .9067 (rounded up), which places them in C class. At their third shoot, the shooter shoots a 66/75. The running average is computed to be 67 + 69 + 66 = 202 out of 225 (total targets shot) which is .8978 (rounded up), which places them in D class. After these three consecutive shoots, the shooter can only shoot in D class if their next shoot falls within the next shoot year (per rules stated above). The shooter still shoots in C class for their next shoot.

  6. What gauge can I use to shoot? Shoot events are an all-bore event. This means 12 gauge or smaller may be used in the event, including the 25-target doubles event. For safety reasons, only one type of gauge is allowed per gun.
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