Sansei Skeet
The official website of the Sansei Skeet Association in Southern California
The Champs
1968 Ken Takiguchi 1988 Russ Okimoto 2008 Gil Siu
1969 Grant Tom 1989 Carl Furuta 2009 Randy Sotowa
1970 Howard Otamura 1990 Nobu Kamori 2010 Nobu Sotowa
1971 Howard Otamura 1991 Victor Kigawa 2011 Joe Shimizu
1972 Rupert Hashimoto 1992 Steve Shiozaki 2012 Dave Lee
1973 Rupert Hashimoto 1993 Steve Shiozaki 2013 Dave Lee
1974 Joe Shiozaki 1994 Gil Siu 2014 Dave Lee
1975 Carl Furuta 1995 Randy Sotowa 2015 Keith Tsuchiyama
1976 Al Matsuno 1996 Al Morita 2016 Craig Tsuchiyama
1977 Norm Ozawa 1997 Ken Furuta 2017 Randy Sotowa
1978 Steve Shiozaki 1998 Nobu Komori 2018 Keith Tsuchiyama
1979 Rob Iwamoto 1999 Ken Takiguchi 2019 Craig Tsuchiyama
1980 Carl Furuta 2000 Joe Shiozaki 2020 ---
1981 Joe Shiozaki 2001 Ken Takiguchi 2021 ---
1982 Harry Murakami 2002 Gil Siu 2022 ---
1983 Dan Oyama 2003 Gil Siu 2023 Dave Lee
1984 Dan Oyama 2004 Nobu Sotowa
1985 Joe Shiozaki 2005 Randy Sotowa
1986 Al Matsuno 2006 Dave Lee
1987 Joe Shiozaki 2007 Gil Siu

As Told from the Elders
On 1968 the first annual Nisei Week Festival Skeet Shoot was held at International Trap and Skeet, now Triple B. Issei is first generation, born in Japan, Nisei is second generation, those born in the USA. The Nisei Week Festival was started in the 1930's. The organizers of the shoot were Howard Otamura, Lionel Gotanda, Don Tsuchiyama and Ken Takiguchi. During 1976, a group of shooters desired to shoot more than once a year, so formed the Sansei Skeet Shoot Association (third generation) and shoot on a monthly basis at Winchester West Trap and Skeet in Long Beach, Callifornia. The group consisted of Cliff Shinmei, Mark Torabayashi, Al Morita, Tad Oshige, Rick Takahara, Norm Ozawa, and Gary Nakano.

Mark Torabayashi, Al Morita, Norman Ozawa, Tad Oshige, Cliff Shinmei. They started SSSA called Sansei Skeet Shooting Association back in the day at Winchester West. Most of the early shoots took place there. Gave ammo and metals, as well as trophies. Had a pretty good group of ladies that shot as well. All are sansei, first shot together as a team at the Zone 7 championships in Idaho. (Then 11 western states by NSSA) Bunch of Buddha heads. Thought you should know.

Two other key members were Rick Nakahara and Gary Nakano. We had monthly meetings before each shoot at Norm Ozawa, Mark Tora and a few other houses, to discuss the upcoming shoot. We would discuss things like shooting times, food menu, ordering trophies and shooter classifications. Our wives and girlfriends made food for the complimentary lunch at each shoot. For prizes we gave out Trophies, Plaques, Metals and pins. We also had raffles for shooting gear and shooting supplies. Our first shoots were at Winchester West in Long Beach. We then moved to International Trap and Skeet in El Monte. We all miss those early days of the SSSA. Thanks for keeping the Association alive.
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